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Oyster Perpetual Air-King

Oyster Perpetual Air-King The sky is the limit The Oyster Perpetual Air-King celebrates the aeronautical heritage of the original Oyster. It pays tribute to those for whom the sky was a new frontier of adventure, exploration and groundbreaking achievement – a springboard for new ideals. The Air-King symbolizes the privileged relationship between Rolex and flying […]

TUDOR’s Commitment to Sustainability: Timepieces with a Conscience

TUDOR PHILOSOPHY A Sustainable Time Legacy The luxury watch industry, with its reliance on precious metals and materials, often walks a fine line between opulence and responsibility. TUDOR, however, has consistently strived to balance this scale, ensuring that extravagance never comes at the planet’s expense. From Source to Wrist: Ethical Sourcing TUDOR recognises that sustainability […]

TUDOR’s Pioneering Spirit: Exploring Uncharted Horizons

TUDOR HISTORY Charting the Course From its inception, TUDOR has been driven by a relentless quest to redefine boundaries. While many brands tread the well-worn path, TUDOR forges its own, driven by the thrill of discovery and the allure of the unknown. Beyond the Seas and Skies TUDOR’s dedication isn’t just limited to the art […]

Conquer Depths with TUDOR: Diving into the Black Bay Collections

BUILD FOR USE Dive with Confidence Whether you’re exploring coral reefs or diving into deep-sea trenches, TUDOR ensures a trusted companion on your wrist, keeping time with as much precision as style. TUDOR Vintage Meets Versatility The Black Bay collection is where nostalgia meets modern functionality. Inspired by TUDOR’s diving watches from the 1950s, today’s […]

The Essence of Elegance: Deciphering TUDOR’s Watch Aesthetics

TUDOR HISTORY Historical Homage: Preserving Tradition Each watch in TUDOR’s portfolio pays homage to its rich history. With designs inspired by diving, navigation, and the military, TUDOR captures decades of legacy in each dial. The watch above, TUDOR “CATANACH’S” illustrates the type of product that TUDOR created in this initial period. The rectangular watch with […]

Dive into the Timeless TUDOR Black Bay Collection

The Ocean’s Ally: Built for Depth Each watch in the Black Bay collection is a marvel of engineering. With waterproofness extending to remarkable depths, it’s crafted for the true marine enthusiast. Be it the azure of the Caribbean or the icy waters of the North Atlantic, the Black Bay stands resilient, keeping time with unwavering […]

The cosmopolitan watch

Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II The cosmopolitan watch The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is designed to display the time in two different time zones simultaneously. Robust and functional, it is the ideal watch for criss-crossing the globe. Launched in 1955, the GMT-Master witnessed the rapid expansion of intercontinental travel in the latter half of the 20th […]