Georg Jensen Wine & Bar tray stainless steel and mirror finish


Serve with style with this minimal but sophisticated stainless steel wine tray. The organic natural rim of the tray adds a Scandinavian edge to a simple oval shape making it the perfect way to serve up drinks, snacks or party food.

Designer Thomas Sandell’s background in architecture is apparent in the clean and confident lines of his work for Georg Jensen. Whist never forgetting the functionality of a piece, Sandell infuses his products with an elegant beauty that is both sculptural and understated.

The wine tray is made from stainless steel with a high shine mirror-polish finish that reflects the glasses and dishes beautifully.

H: 22 mm / 0.87 inches. D: 394 mm / 15.51 inches.

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Supplier Code: 3586673

Brand: Georg Jensen

Metal: Stainless Steel

Design Year: 2012

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