Georg Jensen Wine and Bar Set 2 Piece


Georg Jensen Wine and Bar Set 2 Piece:

-Wine Pourer

-Wine Stopper

The appreciation of wine is a sensuous thing involving, of course, taste but also smell and sight. Add to the theatre of serving wine and treat it with the respect it deserves by using the very best in bar accessories. This set of wine pourer and wine stopper uses flowing shapes cast in shiny stainless steel to bring an extra elegance to the home bar and makes a thoughtful gift for any aspiring connoisseur.

Industrial designer and architect Thomas Sandell was a natural choice to collaborate with Georg Jensen on a collection of bar utensils. His keen sense of aesthetics guaranteed a refined and beautiful product whilst his deep knowledge of engineering gave the pieces absolute functionality. The wine pourer uses a trademarked OxiPour function that ensures perfect aeration.

The pourer and stopper are artfully crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel and ABS plastic that guarantees no contamination of flavours.

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Supplier Code: 3581656

Brand: Georg Jensen

Brand Collection: Homeware

Metal: Stainless Steel

Design Year: 2012

Designer: Thomas Sandell

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