Georg Jensen Silver Offspring pendant and chain (Small)


Georg Jensen Silver Offspring pendant and chain (small)

Using two interlocking shapes to symbolise the eternal bond between mother and child, siblings, life-long friends or even lovers, the Offspring necklace is beautiful to look at and at the same time imbued with a strong emotional charge.

Designed by Jacqueline Rabun, the Offspring collection tells a clear story about the power of love and the joy of caring. Expressive, powerful but at all times exquisite, the jewellery is destined to be passed down throughout generations.

Measurements: H: 12.8 mm / 0.5 inches. W: 10.1 mm / 0.4 inches. 45 cm anchor chain. The length of the chain can be shortened by using the loops.

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Supplier Code: 10012310

Brand: Georg Jensen

Brand Collection: Offspring

Metal: Silver

Gender: Ladies

Design Year: 2001

Designer: Jacqueline Rabun

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