Bastian silver pleated design bangle with rhodium satin finish.


Design bracelet “Nordic Heritage” made of brushed 925/- sterling silver with distinctive shape and overlapping strut details. Available with a matching ring, pendant and matching ear studs from the same design range.

The freelance diplom designer from Pforzheim, Dr. Sabine Brandenburg-Frank creates jewellery that is both modern and timeless. The charismatic form and the extraordinary haptic of her jewellery which is rich in contrast reflect pure enjoyment of life. They combine unique, aesthetic and innovation and they are presented excitingly unexcited. “I do not like to copy natural forms. I am more interested in their underlying geometric structures. This is the basis for my jewellery design.” (Dr. Sabine Brandenburg-Frank)
 All bastian inverun jewellery articles are delivered with a packaging.
  • width: 0,98 inches at the widest point

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